Wednesday, March 22, 2017

I've lost it, and it started with a year!

I have been quite open about the changes I have been making in my life. In the beginning I had stated that I started making changes because my friend inspired me to be better. What I didn't expect was that same friend to make me feel like I was worthless.
Little by little I did certain things to help me reach my goals. Now I have reached a point where I am ready to share another one of my triumphs. I have lost 50lbs in the past year! It is crazy to me, because I honestly don't feel that much different. In fact if my clothes weren't too big I probably wouldn't think things had changed. But I have noticed a change in my energy levels, and a change in my mood! I didn't like feeling terrible about myself, and I didn't expect myself to get to a point where I did. However I used those feelings to fuel my fire, and I have fallen in love with going to gym. I often find myself missing my workouts when I can't get them in, and craving a visit to the gym. I just want to live like I am living, and I want to take full advantage of this body I have. I can't wait to see where the rest of my journey takes me, and what changes I can make in the next 365 days. Because trust me letting a person help you feel like you're worthless is something I never plan on letting happen again.
Here is a picture of my journey
A Year Later!

A Year Ago:

The pants on the bottom are from a year ago, and the pants on the top are the current ones! I've dropped 4 pant sizes!
P.s Here is what 50lbs looks like 


rachel said...

You are such a rock star inspiration, Gemma!! I sure love you.

Suzanne Jarvis said...

You're awesome Jordan Danae! It takes a lot of courage to take something negative and flip it right. Winning duh!